'bout this girl.
"if you love something, let it go. if it was ment to be, it will come back."<3

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21st centuary, less fortunate class.

It’s been hard living in these conditions. There’s nothing to do, i want to go outside and play with people my age. I want to have a life, i want to be free and have fun for a change. I’m so fed up with being underneath everybody else! I despise people that think there better then me and my family. Nobody deserves to feel like dirt, and i sure hate looking and smelling like it. These everyday living situations, being in tiny houses with so many people crammed into it, yeah it’s not comfortable. Comfortable, i wonder how that feels, just to be relaxed. That must be so stress relieving. Wow, that’s what I got to do before I “kick the bucket”. I would want to be rich for a week just to see how it feels.  And i want every single person that is classified as rich to live poor for a week. To just trade places for a week so both sides can know what its like to be in each others shoes. Those rich people wouldn’t last five minutes in our shoes. But it would be funny, seeing them fight and cry because they can’t be in there mansions eating meat and drinking expensive wine. How do you even become rich? Are you born like that? I want to know why there even has to be a difference in poor and rich? Why can’t everybody just live comfortably? I hope one day everybody can live the life that they want to live and not have to worry about what there going to eat or where there going to sleep for the night. To me that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to someone, to be poor.

That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger. -anonymous.
19th Century France! ‘Poor’

Why cant we be like those other families? They can have anything they want anytime they want, its not fair. We get the clothes that are all torn up, there so raggedy and dirty. I hate being looked down on. Im only 14, I shouldn’t have to live like this. Im tired of being hungry all the time these scrapps aint cuttin it nomore, I’m tired of these clothes i never feel cute, and I’m tired of being cold, I’m tired of being sick and I’m sick of being tired. Its too much stress for our family, we cant have the fancy meals like the “rich” people. They have all the fun with there high-class parties, eating croissants with there steaks and pastries with some filet minion. Mmm that sounds  so good. My stomach achs for warm delicious meals like that. Crumbs and left overs just cant compare to that. I wish we could have fun like they do. The only time we have any type of fun is when we are huddled together to keep warmth and we happen to have a decent conversation maybe about our fantasy life, with vacations and our own parties or maybe about how funny we look. What a life I have, i cant even have a mirror! i wonder what I look like? Ugh its so stressful not knowing what im gona eat or where im gona sleep. I always wonder how they are so blessed to have a lot of money, I think to myself, “What did I do?” “Why are we being punished?” 

"Being on top of the world doesn’t mean anything unless you know what its been like to be at the bottom." -Rachel Smith.